Top 10 Jazz Festivals in Canada

Every fan of jazz music should visit Canada during summer jazz festivals at least once in life. At this time, Canada hosts many international festivals, making it an awesome destination for jazz fans. Not only can you learn about the history of jazz here, but you also get an overview of the major musical events held annually in this nation. 

However, there is still a problem with it – most of the festivals occur simultaneously in summer. Taking to the count territory of Canada, that can become a real issue for those who wouldn’t like to focus on only one event but listen to various artists. Yet, you can always get an 8 passenger van rental Toronto. With the ability to get a car from the airport, you can forget about public transport and queues. Furthermore, our car rental offers you:

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After considering all of the advantages of renting a van in Canada, you have no doubts or concerns about going on a tour of jazz festivals during summertime. So, let’s consider the top 10 best jazz festivals in Canada this year.

Montreal International Jazz Festival 

The Celebration Worldwide de Jazz de Montréal, which has been occurring every year for quite a long time, is ostensibly the most anticipated. Consistently, for over seven days, the city effectively changes into a show scene. Because of its French pizazz, permitting everybody to encounter jazz legends, including notable entertainers and outfits, for a really long time.

Toronto Jazz Festival

The jazz celebration happens consistently in Toronto from late June to early July. The occasion goes on for ten days. Audience members can take in jazz singers and performers from Canada and abroad during this period. All exhibitions happen in confidential spaces. The celebration draws in about 500,000 jazz music darlings every year.

Toronto Beaches Jazz Festival

An incredible option in contrast to the past choice. The Celebration is held in different areas. Incorporating stage shows in nearby stops and along a two-kilometer stretch of the Ocean side’s fundamental lane during StreetFest – Sovereign Road East. Consistently, the Celebration highlights local abilities, including “new age” jazz performers and eminent worldwide jazz artists.

Ottawa Jazz Festival

Jazz Live performance in the capital of Canada deservedly procures the differentiation of being truly outstanding and most expected melodic occasions. Audience members can see the value in mind-boggling instances of contemporary jazz music here. The Ottawa Jazz Celebration has advanced fundamentally, attracting new remarkable craftsmen.

Victoria International JazzFest  

Jazz and blues artists and vocalists from the city, the country, and abroad perform during the 10-day celebration. The celebration delights participants yearly with jumper exhibitions. They, hands down, are the greatest melodic occasions that can be guaranteed.

Niagara Falls Jazz Fest 

This occasion is a free local area show that observes “Ladies in Jazz” and considers Niagara Falls’ powerful jazz and melodic chronicles. Bring a lounger or cover and unwind for an afternoon jazz show.

Sasktel Saskatchewan Jazz Festival 

Somewhere in the range of 140 and 160, jazz artists and entertainers overall are welcome to SaskTel Saskatchewan, quite possibly Canada’s greatest occasion. Planet S Magazine has appraised this occasion as the best for the past seven years. Here, performers from the nearby and public scenes are allowed inestimable opportunities to progress as experts. The crowd of jazz lovers is developing because of the occasion.

Edmonton International Jazz Festival 

The Worldwide Jazz Celebration’s Edmonton Jazz Celebration Society, laid out in 2005, advances jazz music and customs. Likewise, the city is home to a prestigious jazz ensemble.

Winnipeg Jazz Festival 

Jazz Winnipeg is a charitable, non-benefit association that advances jazz through melodic introductions and local area inclusion. Their celebration additionally incorporates classes, displays, and local area occasions.

Halifax Jazz Festival 

There will be north than 30 exhibitions, 5 Jazz Labs, live shows, and significantly more. It will be a fabulous summer of music, delight, and instruction. Try not to miss it!


This year will be a year of jazz, and you can become a part of it. Prepare in advance and rent a car Canada to be sure not to miss any of the listed festivals.

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