Serverwala Offers High-Powered Dedicated Server USA With 99.90% Uptime

Dedicated Server USA


A secure and robust web hosting solution is a vital aspect in determining the success of your website’s growth. Among all the existing web hosting solutions, it is quite evident that the dedicated server US is the most promising one. This is because it enables you to dodge all the limitations as well as hosting constraints of all the other web hosting servers. 

However, it is highly significant for you to seek the most steadfast and renowned web hosting provider in order to make the best utilization of your USA dedicated server hosting and access all its top-grade benefits. Therefore, via this guide, we have presented one such web hosting provider – Serverwala cloud data centers. Here you will gain insights into how Serverwala’s Dedicated Server in USA can highly profit your website. Plunge into the segments below to get all the essential details. 

Who Is Serverwala?

Serverwala is a world-class data center this is highly recognized for rendering the best dedicated server USA at the most viable pricing. It is also well-known for earning diverse awards for effectively accommodating different websites across the globe. The data center falls under the Tier-III category. 

It offers the support of enterprise-grade equipment, hardware RAID, and the most progressive technologies with its powerful bare-metal dedicated web servers. This enables you to make your website function without any unnecessary downtime. Also, your website gets the ability to effectively handle any amount of workload and operations. 

Serverwala Offers High-Powered Dedicated Server Hosting With 99.90% Uptime in USA

All dedicated web servers in Serverwala’s Tier-III data centers in USA offer high processing power, the fastest speed, and better strength. They further come with solid-state drives data storage that enables you to save energy and let your website have the least web page loading time. 

The data center provides the assurance of at least 99.90% uptime and almost zero downtime. It makes sure that its customers and clients’ website function without any interruptions or disturbances. This allows you to advance your website with utmost ease and at a high pace. 

Why Should you Consider getting an US Dedicated Server From Serverwala?

Here are the most incredible hosting features you receive with Serverwala’s Best Dedicated Server in USA, which provides the reason for you to reach out to the data center without giving any second thoughts –

SSH root access control

With the bare-metal dedicated server web hosting, the data center lets you have the SSH root access control of your web hosting server. This allows you to operate, handle, and secure your dedicated web server without any restrictions. You can also install and run any number of required programs & applications as per the necessities of your website. 

Unlimited bandwidth

You can readily scale the existing bandwidth of your dedicated server hosting plan or package whenever needed. The data center also offers secure network channels with premium bandwidth. 

24/7/365 Technical assistance 

The data center ensures to provide around-the-clock technical assistance through a team of skilled and experienced specialists. The team always works on their toes to offer you instant as well as the most profitable solutions to all your server issues or queries. You further can contact the specialists anytime over the preferred communication medium. 

Control panel option

Based on the operating system you choose for your Dedicated Server USA, Serverwala enables you to acquire the most compatible control panel. The data center offers options of user-friendly as well as efficacious control panels that help you easily and successfully handle your website hosting. 

High-level data security

With the dedicated server in USA, the data center makes sure to deliver high-level data security measures, including encrypted SSL certificates, DDoS protection, malware protection, etc. You further obtain the liberty to run the required level of security standards on your dedicated server to assure the full safety of your website. 

Additional services

Even though Serverwala offes cheap dedicated server plans in USA, still you get access to various other additional services, such as private VLAN subnets, resilient hardware tools, managed web hosting support, top-tier infrastructure, client management software, dedicated IP addresses, etc.  

These were some of the key reasons why you should choose Dedicated Server Hosting. Next we will discuss the various plans and packages of Dedicated Servers offered by Serverwala in USA. 

Serverwala’s Dedicated Server Plans and Packages in USA

Serverwala is the top-leading data center that enables you to purchase the most suitable USA dedicated servers at cheap prices. It offers a wide array of dedicated web hosting plans and packages from which you can pick the best one for your website. All the plans & packages come with the service level agreement. 

The agreement guarantees the availability of at least a 99.90% uptime network for your website. Further, with the cheap dedicated server USA, you acquire highly scalable dedicated web resources as well as the utmost hosting flexibility. 

Dedicated Server USA
Dedicated Server USA


US dedicated server is a highly competent web hosting solution that helps you attain high-grade benefits as well as hyper-scale executive privileges. It further enables you to access easy resource accessibility, high customizability, robust data security, a self-dependent hosting environment, and root server control. 

Moreover, you can confidently reach out to the Serverwala data center to obtain the best dedicated server in USA at the most feasible cost price. The data center assures maximum uptime and seamless customer support services. You may also visit the official site of the data center in order to gather additional insightful details regarding top-notch yet cheap dedicated server hosting plans & packages. 

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