12 Kitchen Upgrades to Consider in 2023

Kitchens are generally the first room that new homeowners want to update because they are the heart of the home for many of us. Kitchen trends change quickly, so countertops and cabinet colours that were popular last year can quickly date a kitchen.

Fortunately, there are numerous modifications you can make to your kitchen to make it look more modern and appealing—whether you want to do something simple, like painting your cabinets, or something huge, like opening up the floor plan. Learn more about the top kitchen trends for 2023 to get ideas for your next renovation in this post.

1. Cabinet Doors with Flat Panels

Minimal kitchen cabinet doors are becoming increasingly trendy. Shaker-style cabinet doors (which have a flat centre panel and a frame around the borders) are still the most popular choice for kitchens, but according to the Houzz poll, the percentage of homeowners who choose them is three points lower this year than last. Flat-panel doors, on the other hand, are on the rise, with one in every five renovators (20%) choosing them, up three percentage points from last year.

The minimal and elegant design reigns supreme when it comes to hardware trends. Bar pulls are by far the most popular choice, with 72 per cent of homeowners preferring them over knobs and 10 per cent choosing cup pulls.

2. Quartz Countertops 

Quartz is still regarded as a high-end material for kitchen countertops. It is currently available in a variety of colours and designs thanks to technical improvements. Quartz countertops are non-porous, extremely durable, and simple to clean. It also offers a rich visual appeal to the kitchen without cost.

The best part is that engineered quartz counters may be designed with elaborate swirls and other eye-catching designs. Before making an investment, evaluate their quality, optimum thickness, and so on.

If you want to learn about the recommended thickness for quartz countertops or browse for high-quality quartz goods, read this advice from Caesarstone’s specialists.

3. Wood Cabinets

Cabinet colour is another trend that is constantly changing. While it may appear that everyone was painting their cabinets green recently, white cabinets continue to be the most popular choice in renovated kitchens, with 40 per cent of homeowners opting for them, according to the survey. Natural wood-tone cabinets, on the other hand, are gaining popularity, rising to 24 per cent, up three percentage points from last year. Medium-tone and dark wood, in particular, showed rises of 10% to 12% and 6% to 11%, respectively.

4. Pop of Colour

Yes, all-white kitchens are squeaky clean and classy, and they will never go out of style. However, a splash of colour in your kitchen can improve the overall appearance. Choose green, blue, or other bright colours for upholstery, kitchen mats, or even appliances. Believe us when we say that your guests and family will enjoy walking into the white kitchen with just the appropriate touch of colour.

5. Electronic Advancement

Aside from cosmetic updates, many homeowners have been looking for methods to improve the technology in their kitchens. According to the survey, docking stations, wireless speakers, and stereo systems are all becoming more desirable kitchen additions. Furthermore, 51% of homeowners instal faucets with high-tech features like water efficiency and touch-only or touch-free activation, and 39% instal other appliances with high-tech features like Wi-Fi connectivity and smartphone or tablet controls.

6. Faucet-Mounted Water Filter 

Maybe it’s time to look for a new water filter tap. Faucet-mounted water filters remove far more impurities than pitcher filters, last longer between refills, and provide filtered water directly from the washbasin. It removes a broader range of pollutants and also looks nicer.

7. LED Recessed Lighting

Recessed lights have become the most popular kitchen lights, with 72 per cent of renovators and homeowners replacing their kitchen lighting opting for them. Undercabinet lights, which were previously ranked first, came in a close second, with 70% of renovators opting for them.

8. Link Your Kitchen to Nature

Is your kitchen dull and uninteresting? If you want to update it but aren’t sure where to start, start with the windows and doors. Kitchens and outdoor-inspired designs work hand in hand to create a natural vibe in your kitchen.

You can, for example, enjoy your home garden while cooking your favourite dish by simply installing a glass door or window! Another advantage of having glass doors and windows is that they help to brighten up your room.

9. Smart Kitchen

Smart kitchens with integrated technology are all the rage these days. They let you to incorporate technology into every function and object in the kitchen, from the refrigerator to the faucets to the lighting.

Motion-sensing kitchen faucets that detect the presence of hands beneath to activate are smart additions to your new-look kitchen. You can also choose a device that monitors the eggs and alerts you when they are about to deteriorate. Finally, improve your lighting system so that you can control everything from anywhere, at any time.

10. Sustainability

According to the Houzz poll, 92 per cent of homeowners incorporate sustainable features during a kitchen renovation. LED lamps (65%), energy-efficient appliances (61%), water-efficient fixtures (34%), and energy-efficient windows are among these features (27 per cent). Creating a kitchen that doesn’t require frequent style upgrades is also a sustainable effort, with almost half (47%) of homeowners choosing timeless design as a sustainable option during renovations.

Timeless style and energy-saving features can both help you save money in the long run. During kitchen renovations, homeowners are flocking toward more sustainable options, and it’s fascinating to observe the junction of economics and environmental concerns. The most common rationale for picking sustainable choices is long-term cost-effectiveness, with environmental friendliness coming in second.

11. Kitchen Countertop Resurfacing

To give your kitchen a new look, refinish a stone or concrete countertop. Do you have a limited budget for kitchen renovations? Counter resurfacing is a simple kitchen renovation that helps you to achieve desired aesthetics while saving money. The cost of resurfacing a countertop, on the other hand, is dictated by its size. You will also need to pay for supplies such as liquid paints, laminate sheets, and other comparable items.

12. Floor Upgrade

Upgrading the kitchen floor might be an expensive and time-consuming task, but it is a surefire method to give your area fresh vitality and life. This year, hardwood is one of the most popular kitchen renovations.

Hardwood flooring comes in a wide range of thicknesses, from thick solid timber to engineered plank.

Furthermore, hardwood flooring is the most resistant to humidity and temperature changes. Light-coloured hardwood flooring is an excellent choice for nature-loving homeowners. However, if you want to choose a dark colour to contrast with the current inside, you can do so.

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