What can business coaching bring to a business?

Business coaching is a sprawling industry. According to Intelema, a renowned specialist coaching consultancy for companies, 58% of organizations say they have increased their use of coaching in the last year.

In Spain, a study has highlighted that four years ago only 4% of small companies used the services of a coach, and now that figure has multiplied by four. This shows that many companies today use coaching as part of their growth strategy.

In another study of international relevance, 79% of medium and large companies in the United Kingdom declared that they use coaching. In the US, in a sample of 101 companies using coaching, 58% of the companies were small or medium-sized companies, government agencies and non-profit organizations.

The use of coaching is increasing because it is a cost-effective means of achieving phenomenal results for both teams and companies. So much so that now many of these companies are wondering if they can afford not to use coaching.

The benefits of business coaching

There is growing evidence that coaching is one of the most powerful forms of personal development and increasing business performance. Among the main benefits that current coaching techniques offer are:

  • An increase in productivity
  • Increased customer service.
  • Increased retention of management personnel.
  • Cost reduction.
  • Increase in final profitability.
  • On an individual level about people, coaching provides the ability to improve in these areas:
  • Work relationships with your direct reports.
  • Work relations with the management of the company.
  • Team building.
  • Conflict reduction.

Business relationships with customers.

Some leaders try to save money by limiting their training expenses because they believe that training does not generate immediate results on the bottom line. However, coaching can turn an investment in training into spectacular positive results.

One example that supports this claim is that of the Xerox company, who found that the impact of using follow-up coaching after formal training gave a massive 87% increase in training effectiveness when compared to training alone.

According to the companies themselves, the benefits of providing coaching to the workforce significantly influence areas as important as:

  • Productivity
  • Quality
  • organizational strength
  • Customer service
  • Reduced customer complaints
  • executive retention
  • Cost reduction
  • final profitability

The use of business coaching will continue to grow

Small business coaching and consulting in new jersey can give rise to managers who appreciate the support and perspective of someone outside of their immediate work environment, especially if coaching and leadership development is not available in-house.

Attending full-day or multi-day leadership development courses can seem impossible in an already tight schedule, and incurs significant travel expenses. The sessions with business coaches, often carried out online, can be adjusted to certain particular conditions.

As organizations operate with limited staff (time constraints and increased performance pressure are ever-present), coaching provides timely assistance and individual learning and support.

What is coaching in SMEs?

The word coach comes from the English term that refers to training or even learning, having to have a positive and active attitude at all times. The use of coaching on a personal level allows the individual to know all of her strengths so that in this way she can enhance her abilities in all aspects of her life, whether at a professional or family level or even in sports. .

When  coaching is related to SMEs  , we speak directly of business coaching, which could be described as guidelines or strategies that are carried out in the company in order for communication and relationships between members of the same team or even of all workers is much more positive, thus improving the feelings that the employee has in his job and also making it possible to improve the skills of all participants.

Business coaching not only works with teams as a whole, but also analyzes the abilities that each member has so that, in this way, everyone can understand the abilities that said person has and the possibilities that they have within and that can become very beneficial for the company.

Benefits of coaching in SMEs

Then you will have access to all the advantages of team coaching within companies, achieving with its implementation that productivity, performance and above all, the good environment in SMEs grow and you feel that workers are happier to meet working with you.

employee relations

Workers will feel more united with each other. Many times, for different reasons, we find that the employees of our company practically do not know each other and do not interact with each other, so they feel like true  strangers in their workplace . To prevent this, business coaching can make these relationships better and more productive so that when a job is set up, they feel happier working with each other.

The leadership of managers grows

Managers are no longer supreme bosses who pull the strings for their own benefit, but the character of employees changes and they see them as leaders, as people who promote good practices in the people who are next to them. Making workers see that the boss is not such, but that he is a leader makes them feel more secure and they do not mistrust the actions that this person can carry out.

It is able to reduce anxiety and work stress

Another aspect that many employees value and that can be seen reflected in their performance is that the stress and anxiety they have at work is much less than before carrying out the  team coaching activities  . In certain jobs, stress is constant due to the demands that are made, because a job is required to be delivered on a specific date and everything must be presentable. When the mind is correctly trained by coaching techniques, these circumstances can be overcome.

All employees look towards the same goal

Unifying all employees and making them important makes them feel that they are rowing in the same direction and that no one is above the other, so their satisfaction with the company increases considerably. Feeling in the same boat makes this unit much stronger and can fight for the same interests.

Develop creativity

Coaching is learning that everything can be better and above all that we all have a force within us that can dazzle. This is something that we will discover with  business coaching  and that will have a very positive effect on the group. When employees can think and express themselves freely, they can come up with many new ideas that, in some cases, can solve a company’s problems or even promote a new service or product.

Prevent conflicts and help resolve them

Conflicts in a company are something very common and that can happen and if it has not happened, it will surely happen sooner or later. With the help of team coaching techniques, it is possible for workers to have sufficient strategies for when a problem or conflict arises, such as a run-in with another worker or even the occasional discussion over a more sensitive issue. This will make it possible for everyone to provide a quick solution to be able to continue playing the role within the company.

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